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Taken since 2003. Serious denial play since 2017.

If there was ever an ass in need of some marks on it... 

Real story: Domme: yes it's heavier than it looks. Your corner time is 30min, if your ass drops it, it's 30 whips and time start again. Here, lets rub some massage oil on that ass, I love when you ass glimpsing under th light. After 2 and half hours, my ass ached for a week and I realize my ass will clinch when anything was touching it...

Mommy I know I was a bad girl... can I make it up to you? 

My face when i fail or was a brat or was lazy, and my Mistress knows.

I think we’re on to something here…

sometimes, I would have a vibrator in my pussy, sometimes my Domme will use my pussy juice to circle my hole. Or she will just sit with her bookmand casully finger me or edge me. If the glass shifts It’s an hour of corner time of me kneeling and writing ‘ I will learn how to a useful slut and keep still’ with the paper against the wall. Or if her drink spills, it would be 50 rubber band snaps on my clit counted out ‘one, I’m sorry I can’t do simple tasks’. If I miss counted we start over again. Once I end up have 80, and was in pain for 2 weeks. I would still spill Her drink uselessly but I never miss counted again.

Plugged, air humping fuck toy training

August is HERE!!!

My Domme and I will meet again for holidays! This time we don’t have a month only one and a half weeks. But gawd it’s a blessing! I’m heading off tomorrow and will probably again disappear until I have time to write when I’m back home.

But to keep you pervs entertained, I’ll sum up what has happened in July.

I’m using butt plugs as much as I can in July, my Domme says that since we don’t have that much time together, She needs me to be prepared as much as I can before we meet. I was able to handle the small anchor pretty well, so on my birthday, my Domme allowed me to cum with my ass plugged while humping  a yoga roll!! Of course I’m not allowed to tough my clit at all. I can, though, play the plug as much as I want. I had few ruins here and there so my body does know how to cum properly this time. It was a huge one. I don’t remember when was the last time I had one like this. I was screaming even with the balcony door open, I don’t care anymore, I had no dignity. I was clawing the floor, whimpering and moaning and slobbering in my mouth.I kept rubbing the poor roll until my pussy was soar. I was slipping in my sweat, contracting for the next hour… I think I passed out for a few minutes, I came to with my pathetic pussy will grinding and spasming on the yoga roll. I got up after half an hour or so. Still contracting and shaking for a while… After I thanked my Domme, she said that probably will be the last full one this year…

About the butt plugs, I’m still learning how to get use to it. Some days are great, some days it just won’t work. My Domme allows me to rub my clit only if I have difficulties to plug in. Horny makes everything easier and that is a fact.

I was supposed to switch to bigger plugs every week, so by the second week I was on the middle sized plug, but I was not able to get the big one in on the third week so I need to stretch my hole with the middle plug longer. After 2 weeks of almost daily stretch, I can put the big one in with the help of so much lube and edging myself constantly. 

My Domme wants me to have the big plug in when we meet tomorrow. So I’m stretching as I’m typing and I’m making so much typos I can’t even…

Also, my Domme wants me to be Her fuck machine. We do this all the time when we are together, hence all the hump training I have. 

So my Domme can cum vaginally… I can’t. This has been an awesome aspect in our relationship. I’m being tease so much and also had to watch her explode while i’m struggling with ‘almost there but never get there’ moments. Usually she will cum few times at least while playing with me, when I usually cum only once or always barely there… It makes me needy and super horny that leads to denied or ruined orgasms. Sometime to the point I cry and hump in frustration which will requires longer time of after care. And still horny because no orgasm release.

Anyways, back to the holiday plan. So I think either She is stressed or horny, because fuck machine play means I’m fucking Her and sometime I get a bit nervous cause I don’t know if I can satisfy Her.

I have been doing fuck training with a strap-on all July. It’s humiliating when you have nothing on the other end of the dildo. My Domme would send me cock hero vids with different lengths every day and I need to be able to hump as fast as some dude would stroke their dicks. I’m usually dripping from my pussy and slippery and dripping sweat and so frustrated and exhausted, I fell asleep a few times on the floor in my body fluids…

I think I can pretty much keep up with the tempo, my ass is looking good as a side benefit. And I need to sign off.

Happy summer and happy humping peeps.

June, hole training, denial and the grind

So all June, 30days. No matter if I'm on my periods or has stomach problems or lazy minds. June was to push over the limits.

First I have to explain a little how it all works. Few people asked me about my denial, how can I last a year and how do I do it alone without my Domme.

Well I think first you need to be a slut. Which I am, one big denial whore. That makes the half the success of long term denial. 

Second, you have to have the mentality. I have mentioned before I'm an amateur athlete. If you are training, maybe the first few months you need a coach, a trainer or teammates, but when it start to be a habit, when you have a routine, like doing work outs in the gym or jogging certain times a week or weight training, you do it systematically and independently. If you don't do any type of sport, then think about your habit that you will do no matter what, like shopping or cleaning or anything that is in your daily routine. You don't think it's hard or you actually don't think about it at all. You, just do it. 

That what my denial trainings are like.

I don't build up a courage or count to 10 before I go. I just do. 

So JuNo was the month. My Domme asked to get used to the plugs. This is a bitch though, it really is something so new. I try a bit now and then but it still is hard all through June for me to accept it. Also I just can't fit anything in my pussy after have my ass plugged, even with the slimest one. 

Ass holes are hard to handle, double standards intended. 

But I did still have a few ruins. While grinding anything. I'm still not good at riding the edge. My cooling down time is too long... Which is very frustrating for me. My Domme on the other hand loves it when I got over and apologize and ask for punishments. 

For June I can only grind on dildos. The fastest way for me to get to the edge would be having it sick on wall or window surfaces that is just the height of my pussy. 

Hardest is probably the same places but standing doggy style, I can get the dildo on my clit and it just end up taking so long my legs start to get shaky and I end up panting on the floor. 

For every failed edge and ruin. I need to mark down and my Domme will let me know in a few days what she has planned for me in her evil erotic mind... 

So I used the 10 side die to decide how many edges for the day and the 100 side die for how many strokes will each edging be. Use a radomn generator of places of a house to see where the dildo is and a coi. To see if I'm facing or backing for my position. 

I know, it's a lot... But remember do this just the way you would plan a workout session or a daily routine. Then it's not as overwhelming it may be. 

Fail means either I didn't get to edge after all the strokes, like if I get a 5, there is no way I can even begin my frustration, or if I can't do all the strokes because my body can't continue. A ruin, is just what it means, I can't control my clit from betraying me. 

I edged 133 times in June. 

I failed 47 times and had 12 ruins. 

An extra punishment will also be added due to fact I'm reporting so little during the past few months. 

July started. I will try to get as much writing in the future as possible because I never stopped denial and edging and submissions. 

I wish y'all a great summer. 

Happy humping and horny on. 

Summer shame

So this is a summer that's gonna be warm. My Domme has made plans for me, according to her, since last summer.... 

June is such a great month for denail sluts. We have been playing JuNo since we knew about it. Of course June will be horny with heat. This June, if the temperature goes bove 25c, I need to go commando to work whether in pants or skirts, it's good for me, She said, I will feel cooler. So like now, I'm on the buss in one of my dark thin summer pants feeling every fiber of the teasing fabric brushing my pussy and ass and praying I don't have a visible wet spot until I get home from a 8 hour work day... 

All my edges will be grinding on a dildo attached anywhere my Domme orders me to attach it. Also with a dildo in my pussy at the same time so my hole will not be 'lonely'. This will also be my daily workout too, since never will I have only one edge. I will have to tell her by the end of the month which position is more humiliating, which is most difficult, which is easiest to get to the edge. 

I have a tiny bit of tingling in my brain these data will not be reported for nothing.... 

Happy summer and humpin' on, sluts. 

I told my Domme I'm struggling with the set... She got me these. Oh gaw... One plug at a time then. What's everyone's progression of anal training? How long did you get to bigger plugs and how to get them in faster? 

Our goal is have plug most of the day in summer wearing skirts with no underwear.