Taken since 2003. Serious denial play since 2017.


I love kneeling down with my knees open and cunt totally exposed when you radomnly order to me serve you anywhere around the house.

My head is just about the hight of your so beautiful pussy. You have my back to the wall so I wouldn't move or fall. Then you grab my wrists and pin them above my head on the wall and order me to serve you. 

You smell so good and tastes even more so. I'm drunk and lost instantly and can do nothing but to suck on those tender lips and drink every drop your glorious pussy offers me. 

You will put your feet on either of my thighs so I don't make mistake by being selfishly horny. 

Sometime you would so generously stand so that I can grind both your legs and you always make sure that my cunt is grinding on nothing by having the space between you legs perfectly open.

You would kiss and clean my face after you are satisfied. And tell me what a great job I did to make both of us happy. Then go on about the day again. 

It always take me while before I can think or move or breathe... I'm so drunken for you. 

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