Taken since 2003. Serious denial play since 2017.

Pussy spank and dice roll

So to kick the year off, my Domme and I decide to warm up a bit before doing anything more fun. I have been horny all the time because I'm not allowed to cum without edging tasks and permissions. 

But we going to do a bit different this year. I was on a lot of no touch last few years and last summer my Domme think my clit has got smaller and my horny level has decreased so much that I was no fun to torment for her. 

Last summer I was allowed to cum and was under so much obedience training followed by a winter of random ruined orgasms and edging everyday, just to wake up my horny level for this year. 

It worked, I'm horny all day and anywhere I am. 

This month I'm ordered to play with myself as often as I can. Every morning I have to rub my pussy area as tender and passionate as I can if I got horny, which will happen in few minutes, I have to edge my clit and when I'm close I have to slap my pussy as hard as I can to cool down. But I'm a pain slut... I usually get even closer to the edge. If that happens. I have slap myself and ruin the orgasm, then I roll my D30 to have corner time in front of my balcony door with blindfold and a timer. 

Then after breakfast I go about my day. If I'm still horny, which usually I am, I can only play my pussy in public. If I'm afraid or not able to then I can't do anything to my pussy until I got home. 

I did have few days so horny when I'm asking my Domme for permission to play in public, usually I'm asked to hump a shape She randomly says and I somehow managed to find them and hump it with no one around but usually it make my life worse because I stop too fast in fear of someone sees me and left myself even more horny. 

When I get home, pussy slapping is a consistent thing for me as long as I'm horny. Also I can only fully hump myself to the edge or ruin in very challenging positions, like yesterday I was allowed to hump my sofa, but I need to have right hand hold left ankle from the back left hand on the back of my head and right leg supporting to hump. I really did manage to get a ruin....

After last summer, ruin orgasms are what I can have. I think I still remember what a full orgasm feels like but I'm too guilty to have them and I have been trained to stop humping and take my hands or objects off my pussy immediately when I feel the orgasm. 

My Domme had a few beautiful moments when she actually allowed me to cum but I did instinctly ruin them and was crying in frustration afterwards... 

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