Taken since 2003. Serious denial play since 2017.

Summer conditioning: rusty reflects

Long distance of anything is hard. Since we started tumblr to have a kick, my Domme and I both feel we need to physically play again at some point.

Self discipline of a sub is important but with no Domme we can only do so much with ourselves. This summer, after years of planning, my Domme and I finally managed to work our holidays for the summer.

After going through what we wish to do we headed to the cabin we booked for the month.

This summer, the entire globe was a hot mess. So in favor of that, before getting on the road I was ordered with only one piece of clothing.

The drive takes about 3 hours. I was ordered to edge on command. No matter how horny, I need to take my hand off or I will get shocked by the collar tide to my thigh.

We did a shock test before heading out. The shock is surprising more than pain. And I can’t explain it but I just won’t be able to get use to it. So I guess that’s actually good.

Note: test anything before using them, surprises are not all good.

My mind and body feels likes they have woken up from a long sleep.

I was slow, shamefully slow. I was in tears after the second shock and started crying because I didn’t realize how much physical training I was lacking and I was so disappointed at myself. We had to stop and my Domme bought ice cream and hand fed me to calm me down. We continued after I can collect myself and the rest of the few hours I was just in a emotional roller-coaster. By the time we got to our cabin, I was zapped 2 more times and my brain was stupid. I soaked the towel under my ass with my sweat and pussy juice.

It took me a few minutes before I could get out of the car and be useful, all this time my Domme ordered me nothing.

I really needed to pee and my Domme ordered me to kneel on the patio waiting for her. I was squirming and fidgeting by the time my Domme came out, she then pointed at a tree on the edge of our hidden small yard and said: stop fidgeting bitch, summer starts now, that’s where you will pee for the rest of the time when we are here. Kneel on this same spot after you are done and we will continue from there…

I felt my heart missed a beat, my pussy twitched, my brain clicked.

We are on.

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